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Google takes over Moffett Airfield from NASA

By Hafeez Sim - on 11 Nov 2014, 9:52am

Google takes over Moffett Airfield from NASA

Source: Wikipedia

Google's Planetary Ventures wing has signed a lease with NASA, where it will lease the Moffett Federal Airfield for the next 60 years. While Google won't own the airfield, at least it will have access three hangars, two runways and a private golf course. The U.S government still owns the land, with Google paying US$6.3 million annually in upkeep. The deal also includes Planetary Ventures (or should we say Google) investing US$200 million into the property as well as making plans to refurbish Hangar One and rehabilitate Hangars Two and Three. According to NASA, Google plans to use the airfield as a research facility for space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics.

Source: NASA


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