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Google shares its 2022 list of favourite Chrome browser extensions

By Liu Hongzuo - on 29 Dec 2022, 3:24pm

Google shares its 2022 list of favourite Chrome browser extensions

Image credit: Google.

Google has shared its favourite 2022 web browser extensions for Google Chrome, and the list seems quite useful for both work and play.

We’ve picked a few from Google’s list, having seen how they’d be useful to our readers. Simply click on the header to go to your preferred extension. If you want to see the full thing, you can check out Google Chrome Web Store’s 2022 collection here.


Tango – instantly create How To guides for software

If you work as a teacher, work in IT support / technical documentation for your company, or generally work with colleagues who are less-than-savvy with certain pieces of software, Tango might be your answer.

Tango is a Chrome extension tool that lets you create simple guides and tutorials while you move through a workflow – be it submitting a paper, showing others how to find a certain button, or teaching someone how to operate a new backend portal. Users of Tango can also export these tutorials in different file formats (PDFs, HTMLs, Markdown), and it also helps you track how many users viewed your guides. 

Instead of spending hours to create a video, or explaining abstract concepts using words alone, professional folks in UX or product design can also use Tango to demonstrate how certain functionalities are supposed to work.


Workona – better tabs management

Tab Groups in Google Chrome are helpful, but having too many still hogs precious memory and resources on PC. Workona not only uses cloud storage to remember your tab groups based on the project you’re working on, but also organise it for you. 

There’s also a built-in search tool to help you get straight to your preferred tab. You can transfer these tabs across different laptops and desktops, so long as the Chrome browsers all support extensions.


SwiftRead – extension made for speed readers


This extension relies on a speed reading technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, where it eliminates the voice inside you that reads things “aloud”. Simply copy and paste the text you wish to read into this extension, and read faster than before. It’s one of those apps where you have to try it to understand the benefits it confers. 

SwiftRead is also particularly useful for people who have no patience for reading, or need to digest huge amounts of text quickly without skipping words. 

Source: Google (blog)

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