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Google might rebrand its next foldable phone as part of the Pixel 9 lineup

By Shawn Tan - on 17 Apr 2024, 12:30pm

Google might rebrand its next foldable phone as part of the Pixel 9 lineup

Google is tipped to give a new name for its next foldable phone. (Image source: Google)

Google's next foldable Pixel phone could be re-branded as part of the Pixel 9 series. 

Android Authority claims to have received information that the next Google foldable phone would be called the Pixel 9 Pro Fold. It has a codename "comet" alongside "tokay" (Pixel 9), "caiman" (Pixel 9 Pro) and "komodo" (Pixel 9 Pro XL). 

This also suggests that the Pixel 9 series would not have only three models, but four models. A report last month suggested that the XL model is making a comeback.

With the "Pixel 9 Pro" moniker, Google could finally be positioning the next foldable phone as a flagship tier device with premium specs.

The Google Pixel Fold was hardly a flagship device based on the timing of its launch or its hardware specs. Officially unveiled at Google I/O 2023, the Pixel Fold shared the same launch schedule as the Pixel A series.

Furthermore, its hardware specs were hardly flagship-worthy. The Pixel Fold used the same Tensor 2 processor as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which was later eclipsed by the Tensor G3 months later with the launch of the Pixel 8.

Source: Android Authority

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