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Google postpones foldable smartphone a second time

By Liu Hongzuo - on 26 May 2022, 1:21pm

Google postpones foldable smartphone a second time

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Google postponed the launch of its foldable smartphone a second time, said a report from TheElec.

According to the Korean tech news publication, Google’s foldable smartphone was initially postponed to Q4 this year, but it’s now further delayed – which means the phones won’t be surfacing until at least 2023 or beyond.

TheElec added that Samsung Display (the display manufacturing unit of the Korean chaebol) is providing the displays needed for Google’s foldable phone panels. But, it’s not clear if the delay comes down to the display, or other phone issues per Google’s requirements.

A separate Tweet by Display Supply Chain Consultant’s CEO doubles up the claim by saying that the delay will last until spring, with Front Page Tech’s creator chiming in to second the claim.

In case you missed it, Google has already set itself up for a big second half of 2022 by announcing the Pixel 7 series phones at Google I/O 2022. There’s also a Pixel Watch coming around the same timeframe. The early commitment to multiple consumer gadgets may also hint at a crowded gadget lineup for Google, so it does make some sense for Google to delay other yet-to-launch products. 

Source: TheElec

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