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These could be the display specs of the Google Pixel 8 series

By Liu Hongzuo - on 20 Jun 2023, 1:15pm

These could be the display specs of the Google Pixel 8 series

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, from our review.

Following the camera spec leak of the Google Pixel 8 series is a new leak about Google’s flagship phone displays.

According to Android Authority, the information comes from a Google inside source it has access to. The display information pertains to the Google Pixel 8 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro (left) and Pixel (right) leaked display specs. Pixel 8 series are in pink, while Pixel 7 series are in blue. Image courtesy of Android Authority.

If the specs prove true, the regular Pixel 8 will see a slight reduction in panel size when compared to the Pixel 7. Nearly everything else seems like an upgrade: it’s going to be 120Hz refresh rate instead of the old 90Hz, the HDR brightness goes up by another 400 nits, and no changes in the pixel resolution meant improved pixel density (in PPI, pixel-per-inch). 

The Google Pixel 8 Pro has a greater difference from its preceding Google Pixel 7 Pro. The phone’s display would no longer be curved on the sides, becoming a flat panel instead (which is great news for users who dislike curved displays). 

The swap from curved to flat also changes its total pixel resolution and density, along with a panel size tweak. The Pro remains at 120Hz refresh rate, but gets a massive 600 nits HDR brightness boost.

Across the board, it seems Google intends to bump up its HDR brightness (not the same as peak brightness). The only clear downside from these rumoured changes is that the Google Pixel 8 Pro is no longer 1,440p (QHD), given the change. However, the new dimensions and pixel resolution still confer a PPI of 427 on paper, which should be sufficient for a high-quality and crisp viewing experience.

The move to 120Hz across both flagship models makes sense, considering Google upped the refresh rate of its budget variant with the Google Pixel 7a. In case you missed it, Pixel 7a also has a 90Hz refresh rate (review here), which means Google needed to offer more in the mainline series for greater product differentiation.  

The display leaks from Android Authority also seem to corroborate with earlier display leaks about the same phones, although the new details provide more concrete differences between both generations.

Source: Android Authority

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