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The Google Pixel 6 may not charge with certain cables and adapters

By Cookie Monster - on 1 Dec 2021, 12:00am

The Google Pixel 6 may not charge with certain cables and adapters

Image source: Google

The Google Pixel 6 may be plagued with another battery-related issue. 

According to user feedback on Google's forums, the Pixel 6 is not charging when used with third-party cables, chargers or USB ports. Several users claim the charging issue could be due to the quality of the cable and charger; some are not USB-C PD compliant while others are of low quality and have low power output.

Google's support page states that all Pixel phones can charge with USB-C cables, but users will have the best experience when using the power adapter that comes with some Pixel models. It also states that Pixel phones use USB-C with USB 2.0 power adapters and cables, and cautions that other Android cables and power adapters might not work with Pixel phones.

This problem could have been easily avoided in the first place if Google has included a charger in the retail box. Google has an official 30W charger, but the Pixel 6 phones do not fully use the 30W wired charger's speed as there is need for a balance between "battery life, longevity and fast charging". 

Source: Google Community via 9to5Google

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