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Google Map Maker Lets You Add Details to the Existing Singapore Map

By Joy Hou - on 18 Jun 2014, 6:03pm

Google Map Maker Lets You Add Details to the Existing Singapore Map

Singapore has always been called "a little red dot", especially on a big world map. Have a knack for discovering new coffee joints, buildings, or walking paths in Singapore? Starting today, Google Map Maker welcomes locals and visitors alike to contribute their knowledge of Singapore toward building a more comprehensive map of the Lion City and help ensure it’s accurately reflected for the world to see.

Image source: Google.

The user-friendly tool lets people add more detail to Google Maps through a few simple clicks. After you've signed in, you can add new information to the existing map, or edit existing features. Just select a specific area on Google Maps and append new details based on your own local knowledge or by referencing the satellite imagery on Google Maps. When you're done, save and submit your edit. Once it has been verified*, the new information will appear on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for mobile.

Of course, Google has its team of reviewers across the globe that may review and moderate updates in Map Maker to ensure data quality. Google also reviews all abuse reports and edits that are brought to its attention for further review.

Get started by visiting the Google Map Maker community forum, and see the Help Center for tips and tricks, or watch mapping in real-time with Map Maker Pulse.

*All changes are moderated and most of them are reviewed by fellow mapping volunteers in the Map Maker community. As one makes additions or edits to an area they know, they’ll often see pending updates from other users and review those updates to quickly build out the area they care about. The more successful edits and reviews mappers make, the more trusted they become in the system, allowing them to make edits and reviews more easily. Users must adhere to Google's moderation guidelines.

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