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Google HQ Gets Plugless Power for Electronic Vehicles

By Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 24 Mar 2011, 9:30am

Google HQ Gets Plugless Power for Electronic Vehicles

When Google sets its mind to something, they usually follow through. A few years back, we heard that Google would be tackling the problem of Electronic Vehicles (EV) and seeing how the could be implemented in new and innovative ways. And now their Mountain View Headquarters boasts a Plugless Power EV charging station to go along with the honeycomb and gingerbread man statues.

Google - Using technology similar to that available in an electric toothbrush, Google is trialing a Plugless Power charging station for electric vehicles at its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters. Plugless Power is the first electric vehicle (EV) charging system on the market to offer consumers a simple way to charge their EVs with the ease of hands-free, automatic technology.

The move seems perfectly in line with the times seeing that oil as a commodity is dwindling and getting more expensive while the issue of climate change and carbon emissions is taking center stage across institutions and companies. The new initiative from Google will also make the usage of EVs extremely user-friendly since it will eliminate the hassle associated with cords and wires.

Google - Google has multiple low-speed electric vehicles for short-range travel around its campus and includes plug-in vehicles in its on-campus employee car-sharing program. The company will initially use the Plugless Power station to charge a retrofitted short-range electric vehicle. Google showed interest in testing the Plugless Power technology and understanding how its features could simplify the charging process for its plug-in EV fleet vehicles.

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