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Google has a new search feature for your installed Android apps

By Liu Hongzuo - on 31 Aug 2016, 4:08pm

Google has a new search feature for your installed Android apps

Google’s new search feature is a handy little tool for folks who store information and details across too many productivity apps. The In App search tab is only available for Android phones, and it’s found within the Google app on your device.

Google claimed that the search feature can do the following:

  • Finding contacts and their messages across all your messaging apps in one go – for example, you can search for a person you haven’t spoken to in a while, or if you are trying to recall the name of a restaurant that was talked about in the past.
  • Listen to songs or watch videos – so you don’t have to sift through the correct music or video app for the correct playlist or content history.
  • Organize – various snippets of to-dos and events across different calendar and note-taking apps? No problem.

The In App search feature currently works with Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube, and it will include more apps as it goes along, such as Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist, and Google Keep. The search feature does not require Wi-Fi or cellular data to work, and the user can change the search settings to include or exclude certain apps.

The LG V20 phone takes Google's new addition even further – it will come with a dedicated shortcut for In App, on the home screen and Second Screen. It will also work with LG’s pre-installed apps.

Source: Google

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