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Google extends Chrome Apps deadline, Chrome extensions will still work

By Liu Hongzuo - on 11 Aug 2020, 12:16pm

Google extends Chrome apps deadline, Chrome extensions will still work

Google will be killing off one of its less popular Chrome features, but it seems like the deadline was extended (sort of) for developers to make the eventual transition smoother.

Chrome Apps will cease support by June 2022. Previously, Chrome Apps was slated to end this year, but the deadline was extended to June 2021. Organisations will get until June 2022 to sort out their apps.

For users of Chrome OS, support was due to end next June, but that too was extended to June 2022. Nearly everything that has to do with Chrome Apps will end by June 2022 now. Google uploaded an updated timeline on their blog for easier reference, which we've placed below.

To be clear, Chrome apps are not Chrome extensions. Chrome apps are packaged apps that you install and launch directly from your desktop. Chrome extensions, on the other hand, are what most people use when installing plug-ins to enable cleaner screenshots, run automated scripts, and block certain web elements online. The former only has a userbase of 1% since 2016, while the latter is far more widely recognised and utilised. As part of the migration away from Chrome Apps, Google actually recommends developers of Chrome Apps to consider building a Chrome extension instead.

If you've some Chrome Apps lying about, it's a good time to start cleaning up - especially if there's an extension to replace it.

Source: 9to5Google via The Verge

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