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Chrome OS Flex is here and it could breathe new life into your old PCs and Macs

By Kenny Yeo - on 16 Feb 2022, 10:15am

Chrome OS Flex is here and it could breathe new life into your old PCs and Macs

Chrome OS Flex looks just like regular Chrome OS. (Image source: Google)

Google has just announced Chrome OS Flex, a free cloud-based OS that's designed to convert old PCs and Macs into Chromebooks.

The OS was developed as part of Google's plan to drive adoption of Chrome OS, especially in the education and commercial sectors.

According to Google, Chrome OS Flex can be installed in mere minutes. Crucially, Google is giving users the option to create a bootable Chrome OS Flex drive so that users can try Chrome OS Flex first before deciding whether or not they want to install it.

According to early user reports, Chrome OS Flex works just like Chrome OS. It's built using the same code and will receive regular updates just like Chrome OS. However, certain features will be dependent on the hardware of your system.

Speaking of which, here are the system requirements. Note that it will only work with x86 systems, this means only Intel or AMD systems and not the newer Macs with Apple Silicon.

  • Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device
  • 4 GB memory
  • Internal storage: 16 GB storage storage
  • Bootable from USB drive
  • BIOS: Full administrator access. You’ll need to boot from the Chrome OS Flex USB installer and make some adjustments in the BIOS if you run into issues.
  • Processor and graphics: Components made before 2010 might result in a poor experience.
  • Note: Intel GMA 500, 600, 3600, and 3650 graphics hardware do not meet Chrome OS Flex performance standards.

The lax system requirements will allow owners with older systems to run Chrome OS Flex. This could be a huge deal especially in schools and businesses which often have many old systems lying around.

To download Chrome OS Flex and to learn more, head over to the Chrome OS Flex webpage here.

Source: Computerworld, 9to5 Google

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