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Google Chat introduces a long-overdue feature – replying to specific messages

By Liu Hongzuo - on 8 May 2023, 1:39pm

Google Chat introduces a long-overdue feature – replying to specific messages

Google Chat's app logo.

Google’s productivity platform for messaging, Google Chat, is finally getting a long-overdue feature that would give collaborators and teammates some relief at work. The messaging app now supports “quote to reply previous message”, making it easier for users to follow up on specific messages while on the clock.

Previously, a Threads feature was Google Chat’s closest in-app alternative to replying to specific messages. Users in a group chat can create temporary threads that branch out of the main conversation for following up. While it was handy for larger or longer discussions on the many projects the group chat might see, it’s largely impractical if you want to reply to your boss/subordinate with a yes/no statement.

Example from the Google Workspace blog.

According to the Google Workspace blog, Google Chat now lets you quote a previous message when replying – in direct messages (one-to-one conversations), group chats, or in-line Threads. This implementation is similar to the reply message features across popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Telegram. Google also published a help article on how to use this feature, although we doubt most users would struggle with a direct reply.

Google said that the feature is gradually rolled out with an expectation to complete its rollout in 15 days. From its blog, the scheduled release of this feature starts on 18 May 2023, to both desktop and mobile versions of Google Chat.

Google Chat is the spiritual successor to Google Hangouts, and is part of the Google Workspace productivity platform for teams and businesses that uses Google resources for their enterprise. Google Workspace was formerly G Suite before it rebranded to its current iteration.

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