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Google to charge up to $40 per Android phone for its app suite under EU ruling

By Cookie Monster - on 21 Oct 2018, 12:00am

Google to charge up to $40 per Android phone for its app suite under EU ruling

Android OEMs may have to pay up to $40 per handset for Google's app suite under a new EU Android ruling.

The new EU Android deal, which is a result of anti-trust fines, will see Google introduce major changes to how Android function in the EU. The Verge has obtained documents which reveal a fee schedule that can cost as high as $40 per device to install "Google Mobile Services" suite of apps.

The fees will vary according to country and device type, and will be implemented on devices activated on or after 1st February, 2019. There are reportedly three tiers with the highest fees in the U.K, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.

In these countries, devices with 500ppi density would have to pay $40 while devices having 400-500ppi density would pay a lower fee of $20. Devices under 400ppi would only pay $10. Tablets are also included in the pricing scheme although the fees are capped at $20 per device. Android OEMs who opt to not pre-install Chrome will miss out on search revenue from the browser.

“If the Company elects not to place the Google Chrome browser on the Application Dock for any Qualified Device(s) supplied into the EEA [European Economic Area],” the agreement reads, “Company will not be entitled to any portion of revenue generated from Google Chrome for such Qualified Device(s).”

On a more positive note, Google is said to be offering separate agreements for Android OEMs to cover some or all of the licensing fees if they choose to install Chrome and Google Search on their devices. 

Source: The Verge via 9to5Google

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