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Android’s Find My Device network is finally here to help Android users find their missing items

By Kenny Yeo - on 9 Apr 2024, 8:48am

Android’s Find My Device network is finally here to help Android users find their missing items

(Image source: Google)

Android’s answer to Apple’s Find My network is finally here. Google has just announced that its Find My Device network is up and it’s rolling out to Android devices all around the world, starting first with the US and Canada.

Android’s Find My Device network works just like Apple’s. When you misplace or lose your Android device, it continues to broadcast a secure Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by other compatible Android devices. And when these devices pick up that signal, they can then relay your device’s location back to you. It’s like crowdsourced finding but with the power of over a billion Android devices. 

The feature will be available on devices running Android 9 or later. Seeing that Android 9 was released in 2018, it’s safe to say that a lot of devices will support the Find My Device network.

Because this technology works primarily using Bluetooth, it’ll work even if your device is offline without cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi. For Pixel 8 and 8 Pro phones, it works even if your phones are powered down or are if it’s out of battery because there’s reserve power on the device that’s dedicated to the Bluetooth chip and this feature. However, it must be noted that the help page says it’s only “for several hours”.

From May onwards, the Android Find My Device network will start working with new Bluetooth trackers from Chipolo and Pebblebee, so you can start using the network to track your valuables or commonly misplaced items like your wallet and keys. Reports say Motorola, Jio, and Eufy will also come up with compatible tags too later this year.

To prevent people from abusing this technology and using it to stalk others, Google has included security and privacy features such as notifications if a tracker that doesn’t belong to you is moving with you. This notification will appear even if you are on an iPhone. Google is also applying limits to the number of times you can get a tracker’s location. 

To learn more about how Find My Device works, check out Google's dedicated page for Find My Device

Source: Google

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