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Singtel’s GOMO introduces new Data Bank feature for unused mobile data

By Liu Hongzuo - on 1 Nov 2023, 2:02pm

Singtel’s GOMO introduces new Data Bank feature for unused mobile data

GOMO by Singtel launches Data Bank.

GOMO by Singtel announced a new feature called Data Bank today (1 November 2023). 

According to Singtel, GOMO users can “deposit” their unused local mobile data with no expiry date. Users can choose to tap into the excess data at any time, or exchange it for different usage and purpose — such as getting unlimited roaming data in neighbouring destinations, unlimited local talktime, or more.

How to use GOMO’s Data Bank feature?

Data Bank inside the GOMO app.

GOMO users can deposit local mobile data into the Data Bank anytime. Data deposited has no expiry date, which means you can “withdraw” and use of some the balance if you think you’d pumped in way too much for that month. 

The “withdrawal” is automatic — your GOMO plan will start deducting from the Data Bank if you've spent all your mobile data for that month.

Alternatively, you can exchange it for “perks”, like the ones we mentioned at the start of this article.

What’s the catch?

Screenshot of Data Bank "perks" you can exchange for, from GOMO official website.

According to Data Bank’s terms and conditions, customers on GOMO 5G plan users can deposit a maximum of 500GB from their base plan. GOMO 4G users can deposit up to 100GB.

If you don’t deposit your excess data before the start of another month’s renewal, you lose the mobile data allotment that’s not in Data Bank. 

Similarly, Data Bank’s data cannot be transferred to your base plan — your plan only starts tapping into Data Bank when you run out of mobile data on your base plan.

Data Bank balance does not expire, but it can reset to zero when you downgrade your GOMO plan (e.g. from an S$25 plan to an S$20 plan), or if you miss a billing cycle.

What are some of the perks of Data Bank exchange?

HWZ reader's/GOMO user screenshot of GOMO Data Bank perks, from their GOMO app.

Note: GOMO does not publish the redemption values of perks on its official website. The numbers and the screenshot we have were contributed by HWZ readers who are also GOMO users.

At launch, the Data Bank balance can be “redeemed” for a three-day Unlimited Talktime (Local) pack, or a one-day Unlimited Data Roaming pack to three neighbouring destinations: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

It “costs” 50GB of Data Bank for the three-day Unlimited Talktime (Local) pack.

The one-day Unlimited Data Roaming pack for the three destinations “costs” 250GB. 

Remember, your Data Bank can only store up to 500GB of excess data, and that’s only if you are on GOMO's 5G plan.

“We’re always challenging ourselves to improve our offerings and give our customers better value and more flexibility, as a way of showing how much we appreciate their support. With Data Bank, we’re empowering our customers to do more with their data, and giving them even more reasons to continue to choose GOMO as their preferred service provider,” said Ms Shilpa Aggarwal, Vice President, Mobile Marketing, Singtel Singapore.

Learn more about GOMO’s Data Bank here.

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