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Go Back in Time with Google Maps

By Marcus Wong - on 25 Apr 2014, 11:05am

Go Back in Time with Google Maps

Now you can travel back in time from the comfort of home with Google Maps Street View for desktop.

Bugis in 2008 - before the construction started for the Downtown line.

Simply navigate to a location via Google Maps, go down to Street View, and check if there’s a clock icon in the upper left. If there is, click on it to expand and you’ll get a slider that allows you to move scroll through a collection of images that Google has gathered of that location over time. Move the slider and click within the window and Street View will change to reflect the image taken at that time.
Collections only date back to 2007, so this "digital time capsule” - as Google calls it - may seem a little limited for now, but it definitely offers a unique way to view a landmark’s growth from the ground up, or even to preview what a holiday destination might be like in different seasons. Who knows what historical changes this will document over the years to come?

Source: Google 

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