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Gigabyte Shows Off Massive GeForce GTX 680 Super Overclock

By Kenny Yeo - on 5 Jun 2012, 1:52am

Gigabyte Shows Off Massive GeForce GTX 680 Super Overclock

Hardcore gamers should be familiar with Gigabyte’s Super Overclock (SOC) series of graphics cards. Often, these SOC graphics cards were the most outrageous and fastest graphics cards money could buy. It’s been some time since Gigabyte last released an SOC-class graphics card, but thankfully, that’s all about to change because we’ve just spied something interesting at Computex 2012.

This is only be Gigabyte's flagship single GPU NVIDIA card and there's five cooling fans, but not where you'd expect them to be.

This is the all-new Gigabyte GV-N680SO-2GD, otherwise known in layman’s terms as the GTX 680 Super Overclock. We’ve been told that the card is still in development and clock speeds have yet to be finalized, but a marketing specialist has revealed that it will perform close to a GeForce GTX 690 and can even trump it in certain benchmarks.

Peeling off the large aluminum cover which doubles up as a cooling plate, one can seethe massive triple slot vapor chamber heatsink in its entirety.

The highlight of the card however has got to be the radical and massive WINDFORCE 5x custom cooler. Why 5, you may ask. Well that’s because the card sports five fans! Unlike traditional VGA coolers, these fans are mounted perpendicular to the heatsink and blows cool air across the breadth of the entire heatsink. Speaking of which, the heatsink itself uses a vapor chamber cooling design and the it is so large, the card takes up three expansion slots.

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