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Get your own personalized photo album with Fujifilm's Year Album service

By Marcus Wong - on 31 Aug 2015, 6:09pm

Get your own personalized photo album with Fujifilm's Year Album service

 All those pictures need to be printed.

 “Due to our busy schedules, a year passes by without us even knowing” So says the brochure Fujifilm has prepared for their new Year Album service, and as the name implies that’s the problem Fujifilm intends to fix by making it easy for you to convert your memories into a single photo album book.

Year Album requires the use of Fujifilm’s Year Album software (currently only available for PC), so you either download it from the Year Album website, or head to your nearest partner store with a thumbdrive of images to begin, as with most other album printing services. Where the Year Album service stands out though, is in its 3 Smart functions: Smart Select, Smart Layout, and Smart Casting.

  • Smart Select - This function runs through the image source location your specify and picks out the best images available in terms of exposure and sharpness.
  • Smart Layout – This function takes the selected images and automatically lays them out in a book format. This gives you a good starting point from which you can add and delete images from later on.
  • Smart Casting – This feature allows you to specify the most important characters to feature in your album. For example, if you were doing the album as a gift for your grandfather, you can make him the main character and the software will automatically select more images that feature him prominently.

Image organizer picks out your best pictures,

Fujifilm says their proprietary Image Organizer technology helps to select, layout and cast key people by analyzing every image in just 5 minutes. All you have to input is the storage location, range of shooting dates to choose from, and the number of pages of your album. The Year Album software will run through all the images in the storage location and layout a complete photo album.

You can easily add or remove images from the album before print.

After that is done, you can manually go through the pages to add, remove or swap images, and you can also easily add embellishments like stamps and photo captions to fill in the blank spaces. After that, you have a choice of three cover types (Tile, Random or No photo), seven cover colors (Misty white, Cappuccino, Coral pink, Lime green, Linen, Lavender and Pale Blue) and six page colors (White, Black, Ivory, Pink, Cyan and Green).

Fujifilm is offering everything you need to make a quality photo album.

The final step is to fill in a delivery address or to have it sent to an authorized Fujifilm Digital Imaging Outlet for collection. All prints will be done with Fujifilm’s silver halide premium paper, while the albums will come with lay-flat binding with hard covers to ensure your memories are kept safe.

Here's the pricing table for the Year Album services

Year Album pricing
No. of pages A5 A4 No. of pages required
16 $35.90 $63.90 Around 70 frames (max up to 84 frames)
24 $39.90 $69.90 Around 110 frames (max up to 132 frames)
32 $47.90 $81.90 Around 150 frames (max up to 180 frames)
40 $55.90 $93.90 Around 190 frames (max up to 228 frames)
48 $63.90 $105.90 Around 230 frames (max up to 276 frames)


Home delivery will cost an additional S$5.35, while having it sent to a selected Fujifilm Digital Imaging Outlet will cost S$2. There is also currently a promotion for the month of September where you can get a 30% discount with the use of PROMO code 1STYA. (Valid from 1-30 September only)

The service will be available from 1st September at and at selected Fujifilm Digital Imaging Outlets.

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