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Geenet is the next MVNO telco partner with M1

By Vijay Anand - on 5 Mar 2020, 8:37am

Geenet is the next MVNO telco partner with M1 (Updated)

M1 has just announced its new MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) partnership with Geenet Pte Ltd.

Geenet currently provides high-density Wi-Fi deployment and managed services where they specialize in providing free Wi-Fi in the communal areas of over 20 dormitories. They also offer premium high-speed Wi-Fi services at a fee for residents needing more robust Wi-Fi throughput.

The new partnership announced today allows Geenet to utilize M1's mobile infrastructure (much like how Circles.Life partners with M1) to offer mobile services to its existing group of customers using its Wi-Fi services. Geenet intends to roll out an integrated plan that will comprise Wi-Fi and mobile services, which include data, SMS, local and international calls. With the launch of mobile services, Geenet is the first MVNO in Singapore to offer both Wi-Fi and mobile services specifically for the dormitory residents. This will also give M1 the opportunity to capture a larger market share through a new group of customers.

We are supportive of MVNOs that bring about new and unique value propositions. By providing a suitable platform and low barriers to entry, we are able to help niche operators come onboard with us - Mr Lee Kok Chew, Chief Financial Officer, M1.

According to M1, Geenet's MVNO service for its dormitory residence is up and running at one location and will be gradually expanding it to other residences where Geenet already offers their Wi-Fi services.

At this point in time, it seems that Geenet is not yet launching its MVNO service for general consumers and is focusing to address the needs of its dormitory residences. Any dormitory resident (whether an existing Geenet customer or not) can sign up for MVNO services at their sales booth within the dormitories.

Source: M1

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