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Gardens by the Bay partners M1 for its 5G-powered, digital twin metaverse

By Liu Hongzuo - on 27 Sep 2022, 5:19pm

Gardens by the Bay partners M1 for its 5G-powered, digital twin metaverse

Screenshot of the Gardens by the Bay metaverse playing host to a virtual concert.

M1 and Gardens by the Bay signed a Memorandum of Understanding today (27 September 2022), where the former will provide 5G connectivity to power the latter’s immersive metaversal experiences.

L to R: Roland Ong, Project Chair, Electronic Sports Pte Ltd (ESPL); Lee Kok Fatt, Deputy CEO, Gardens by the Bay; Willis Sim, Chief Corporate Sales & Solutions Officer, M1.

Gardens by the Bay will be creating a metaverse version of itself, and using both its physical venue and digital twin version to create event experiences beyond the physical confines of space. M1 is the network provider for this “phygital” (physical and digital) use case, with Electronic Sports Pte Ltd providing the recreation of a digital Gardens by the Bay.

According to M1, Gardens by the Bay was specifically chosen for how the venue represents Singapore to the world. The unique venue itself has once relied on the power of the Internet to bring educational technology to students around the world, and also played host to both physical and virtual events. By using 5G, both the venue and M1 hopes to combine both physical and virtual events into one.

Demo of user avatar interacting with a virtual concert held inside GBTB's metaverse.

Why 5G is required largely falls on both the speed and size of the metaverse itself. While it’s possible to witness virtual concerts and live streams on pre-existing network technologies, 5G is required due to its lower latencies and higher bandwidth to transmit more data. In turn, 5G makes it possible for online users to use avatars to interact in real-time with the event. This also takes an industrial use of 5G beyond enterprise-only applications, since it now connects consumers directly to a MMORPG-styled, futuristic version of tourism and hospitality for Singapore itself.

Similarly, we were physically at the Floral Fantasy exhibition inside Gardens by the Bay, while attending DJ Red's virtual concert via the metaverse using demo sets available at today's preview.

As seen at the MoU today, M1, Gardens by the Bay, and Electronic Sports Pte Ltd demonstrated that with a virtual metaverse concert led by MC / DJ Red (@mcdjred on Instagram), where the performer was able to use the Supertree Grove’s metaverse to interact with online attendees, while physically being present at the real-world landmark itself.

“Offering metaverse experiences is an exciting milestone in our True 5G rollout roadmap. M1 is constantly pushing the bar with our 5G capabilities, and we’re proud to roll out 5G within the Gardens by the Bay as well as power its digital recreation made by our partner ESPL. The ability to give audiences a live and immersive experience both physically and virtually has immense potential to deliver rich content on-the-go. We are excited to unlock new metaverse opportunities for the entertainment, MICE and tourism industries and help Gardens by the Bay become the garden of the future,” says Willis Sim, Chief Corporate Sales and Solutions Officer, M1.

Events and performances held in the metaverse version of Gardens by the Bay are not yet available to the public, but the venue is currently exploring the possibility of running concurrent exhibitions, concerts, and even considering wedding receptions for personal clients who want a “real-world + metaverse” experience at Gardens by the Bay.

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