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Games Workshop has officially brought Astartes' creator onto its animation team

By Kenneth Ang - on 11 Mar 2021, 8:56pm

Games Workshop has officially brought Astartes' creator onto the animation team

Image: Astartes (via Twitter)

For many Warhammer 40,000 fans, the pinnacle of fan-made productions for the series is probably Syama Pedersen's five-part animation Astartes, a brutal, wordless tale where a team of Space Marines assaults an enemy ship and takes down a band of rebels. 

However, don't go rushing to type it into the YouTube search bar, because you won't be able to find it there. Or at least, not anymore. Apparently, it seems that Games Workshop has finally decided to do what many fans have been calling for them to do for years - they've taken Pedersen onto the official animation team, and the much-lauded short film has since been moved to its own page on the Warhammer Community site. Here's the full message for reference.

Image: Astartes (via Twitter)

Naturally, the news came as a surprise to many folks in the community, although we're sure Pedersen was probably more surprised than anyone to receive such an invitation. He's definitely excited though, and according to the post, he says that it's been nothing short of "a dream come true" for him. In fact, he's already gotten down to work - his latest project with the team is already out on YouTube. It's titled The Exodite and features the blue-skinned, technologically-advanced alien race known as the T'au gearing up for war. 

Of course, as a fan of the franchise myself, I'm really happy for Pedersen (all the best, buddy!), and I'm really excited to see what else he'll bring to the W40K animation table in the future. Personally, my fingers are crossed for a good Necrons short somewhere down the line, as they were my favourite faction from Dark Crusade. 

Aww, don't give me that look - I was 12, and yes, I still think they're cool. Deal with it.

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