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Galaxy S8 suffers from insomnia, wakes up randomly and drains the battery

By Cookie Monster - on 4 Jan 2018, 12:00am

Galaxy S8 suffers from insomnia, wakes up randomly and drains the battery

While Samsung did not experience any explosive battery incident with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy Note8 to date, some of these devices have been behaving strangely according to users from the official Samsung community and Reddit. 

Based on the numerous reports by these users, the display will turn back on randomly throughout the day after it is turned off via the power button or screen timeout. The screen will stay lit for about 10 seconds before fading off and turning back on again, which leads to significant battery drain. Below are two YouTube videos submitted by Galaxy S8+ users showing how the screen wakes up randomly:

The display will turn back on even if the cover of the official Samsung flip case is closed. Some users tried to solve the issue by doing a factory reset, rebooting the device in safe mode or wiping the cache partition, but the issue persists. At time of publication, Samsung has yet to acknowledge the issue. 

Could this issue be caused by a third party and/or non-compliant charging cable? Or is it a software bug affecting a limited number of devices? 

Source: Piunika Web, Official Samsung Community (1) (2) (3), Reddit via SamMobile

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