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Futuremark announces VRMark, a new benchmark for virtual reality experiences

By Wong Chung Wee - on 11 Jun 2015, 12:35pm

Futuremark announces VRMark, a new benchmark for virtual reality experiences

(Image source: Futuremark)

Futuremark has just announced VRMark, a new benchmark for your virtual reality experiences. According to the Finnish company, VRMark makes use of a “combination of hardware and software to measure VR system performance, latency, and accuracy[…].” These three aspects of VR are the key components to a truly immersive user experience.

In addition to VRMark’s announcement, Futuremark has initiated the VRMark Benchmark Development Program and is inviting VR system manufacturers to sign up as program partners. As partners, the manufacturers will have access to the source code of VRMark application so that they have a deeper understanding of its workings. In order to ensure the objectivity of VRMark, its development process has been “vetted for neutrality”, and members can provide inputs to Futuremark at every stage of the process.

Since November last year, Futuremark has come under the auspices of UL, “a global safety science organization with more than a century of expertise and innovation in the fields of product safety testing, inspection and verification services.” As a result, Futuremark is able to offer professional services that include lab-based VR testing and verification. In the future, consumers can be rest assured their VR systems have been tested independently by Futuremark, in addition to relying on manufacturers’ claims. VRMark is currently under development and is slated for release this year. For more information, do head over to the Futuremark VRMark site.

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