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Fujifilm goes square with its new retro styled Instax Square SQ40

By Ken Wong - on 26 Jun 2023, 3:30pm

Fujifilm goes square with its new retro styled Instax Square SQ40

The retro-styled SQ40. Image source: Fujifilm.

Fujifilm’s new Instax Square SQ40 calls to mind cameras of yesteryear with a retro classic design and its use of a new square format film.

Drawing inspiration from the Instax Mini 40, the new SQ40 comes with two different shooting modes. From “Off”, rotating the lens activates the Automatic Exposure mode (similar to that used in the Instax Mini 40) and this automatically adjusts the shutter speed and flash output to suit each scene, ensuring that the subject is perfectly exposed in sunny outdoors, poorly-lit indoors, close-ups and selfies. Rotate the lens again and Selfie mode is activated. This is ideal for close-ups and selfies and adjustments can be made using the Selfie Mirror beside the lens with Fujifilm recommending a distance of 30 to 50cm.

In terms of its build quality, the SQ40 is finished in silver and black which both looks and feels like textured faux leather. Unlike the Mini 40, the shutter for the SQ40 is now housed in a protrusion to the side of the lens. The SQ40 has a 65.75mm lens giving it a roughly 32.4mm equivalent field-of-view.

The SQ40 prints photos using the new Sunset square format film that is wider when compared to that used by the Instax Mini 40.

Updating the mini Evo line

The latest mini Evo also comes with USB-C charging. Image source: Fujifilm.

But that’s not all of what we’re getting from Fujifilm. The company also announced a Brown colour update to its mini Evo line of Instax cameras. The new Brown also comes with USB-C connectivity for charging, a transition that all other mini Evo’s will make the company says.

Pricing and availability

The new SQ40. Image source:  Fujifilm.

The Fujifilm Instax SQ40 and a box of Sunset film will be available from 29 June for S$229 and S$18.90, respectively. The new mini Evo in Brown will be available from the same date at S$309. Interested customers can check out Fujifilm’s official stores on Lazada and Shopee on the date.

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