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Fujifilm celebrates 5th anniversary of the X-series with a new flagship camera! *updated*

By Marcus Wong - on 22 Jan 2016, 11:52am

Fujifilm celebrates the 5th anniversary of the X-series with a new flagship camera

At Fujifilm’s anniversary event for the X-series, Toru Takahashi, Senior Vice President took to stage to talk about how camera industry as a whole was seeing a trend of decline in all sectors, and how Fujifilm saw that photography was becoming more of a core because the camera was dominating the photographer, and not the other way around.

“We won’t be swayed by pixel counting or a meaningless technological race” he said, going on to say that the company was focusing on APS-C as a perfect balance, and so looked to carry on developing a line-up that wasn’t based on specifications but based on photography style- rangefinder or SLR.

Meet the new Fujifilm X-Pro2.

The X-Pro2 then, falls under the rangefinder category, which is great for reportage and street photography. It comes with a Hybrid Viewfinder which allows you to quickly switch between optical and electrical viewfinder, a brand new 24.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor, new high-performance X Processor Pro, a new focal plane shutter that reaches a top speed of 1/8000s and flash sync of 1/250s, as well as a weather resistant body.


New X-Trans sensor

The X-Pro2 gets Fujifilm's latest X-Trans CMOS III sensor.

The new 24.3-megapixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor again uses Fujifilm’s unique random color filter array that allows it to avoid moire without the use of an Optical Low Pass Filter. This of course, allows the lenses to deliver their full resolving power, and we’re told it allows the sensor to deliver a resolution equivalent to a 30+ megapixel sensor. Also, improvements in signal processing technology (mainly a switch from aluminum to copper process) means the camera now has a native ISO of up to 12,800, and about 3.6x the reading speed as before.

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