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Free MapQuest 4 App Adds Voice Navigation to iPhone

By Seow Tein Hee - on 8 Apr 2010, 8:20am

Free MapQuest 4 App Adds Voice Navigation to iPhone

The iPhone has all the things you'll need in a mobile phone, but it does come with disadvantages. Besides the less than stellar battery life, there's also the lack of voice guidance on the bundled Google Maps within. There are apps that do rectify this issue, but it does cost a bomb. So if we tell you there's a free app that does voice navigation, will you be hooked?

Download Squad - Well, MapQuest has released an iPhone navigation app called MapQuest 4 Mobile [iTunes link], and while it won't fix my issue with the top-down view, it does add a killer feature: voice directions. So, how well do they work? Overall, they're not bad. The voice itself is obviously computer generated, and sometimes it's a bit hard to understand in a noisy, moving car.

Remember, the price does contribute to its features. What you get are basic navigation features that only directs you to turn at the respective junctions. Street names and route optimization hasn't been implemented, but if it does, we wonder if MapQuest 4 will remain as a free app. Check out more info about this free navigation app here.

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