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Forget about Hendo Hoverboards. Now we've got Mr Hoverboard!

By Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 15 Dec 2014, 9:46am

Forget about Hendo Hoverboards. Now we've got Mr Hoverboard!

 The low tech and cobbled together look is part of its charm!

Did you manage to get a Hendo Hoverboard? You know, the hoverboard that had Tony Hawk slipping and sliding around on it? At US$10,000 a piece (with only 11 pieces available), chances are you didn't. Well, fret not as now you've got another solution...and this one works on any surface!

What did we tell you? It looks awesome, doesn't it? Do you want one? Of course you want one! Everybody who's watched Back to the Future 2 probably wants one.

The good news is that you can technically get one this very moment. You just need to buy the stuff needed (which includes leaf blowers). The Mr Hoverboard site tells you what you need and how to assemble them together to create your own working hoverboard. The good news? You won't need US$10,000. The bad news? We still don't have the auto tying shoes or the self-drying (with blow dry feature) jackets we saw in Back to the Future 2.

If you're not that keen on assembling your own hoverboard, Ryan Craven (he's the inventor) is improving his design (chief improvements include lowering the noise generated and making sure it works on water) and meeting with manufacturers to see if they're interested. So if it all pans out, you might just be riding a hoverboard by next Christmas (hopefully).

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