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Fitbit’s new Charge 3 fitness tracker can go for a swim and lasts up to 7 days (Updated)

By Alvin Soon - on 19 Nov 2018, 8:47pm

Fitbit’s new Charge 3 fitness tracker can go for a swim and lasts up to 7 days

Note: First published on 21st August 2018, the Fitbit Charge 3 is now available in stores, including Axtro Sports, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Metro, e-Gadgets and Lazada.

Fitbit has announced the Charge 3, an all-around fitness tracker with some smartwatch smarts.

At first glance, the Charge 3 looks an awful lot like the Charge 2. But the Charge 3 adds water resistance up to 50 meters, a better touchscreen OLED display, and a seven-day battery life.

The Charge 3’s display is bigger than the Charge 2, and is the first Fitbit Charge to have a touchscreen. Instead of a mechanical button, the Charge 3 has an inductive button on the side. Like on a current iPhone, the button will buzz if you press it, mimicking the feel of a real button.

The Charge 3 comes with a new heart-rate sensor, the same as the one in the Fitbit Versa. Like the Versa and Ionic smartwatches, the Charge 3 comes with a Sp02 sensor to measure oxygen saturation.

The Charge 3 learns some smartwatch-like smarts. It can get notifications from a smartphone and can whip off canned replies to messages when paired with an Android phone.

The Charge 3 comes with 15-plus exercise modes, including bike, swim, run, weights, and yoga. But while the Charge 3 can now go for a swim, there’s no built-in GPS for tracking your routes.

Fitbit says a new Sleep Score beta feature will be coming later this year, as well as female health tracking to log periods and ovulation.

The Charge 3 is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel and plastic, and the display is Corning Gorilla Glass 3. You’d think that with all the new features, the Charge 3 would be more expensive. But the Charge 3 starts from S$238, like the Charge 2’s launch SRP of S$248. It will be available in black with a graphite case or blue-gray with a rose gold case.

There is also a Special Edition version that goes for S$268 which has support for Fitbit Pay to make secure payments on the go and it comes with a different finish such as Lavender Woven with a rose gold case or Frost White Sport with a graphite aluminum case.

There’s one catch though — the Charge 3 will only be available in Singapore come November. Three months early is one heck of a pre-announcement. Fitbit is likely trying to dissuade shoppers from buying the latest Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, or the rumored Google Pixel Watch, before it has a chance to launch the Charge 3.

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