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Finalmouse Centerpience is a custom mechanical keyboard with a view beneath its keys

By Mark Yeong - on 3 Jan 2023, 8:32am

Custom Mechanical Keyboard News: Finalmouse Centerpience Keyboard

Finalmouse Centerpiece (Image source: Finalmouse Launch Video)

Mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting have allowed users to express their own personal style, configuring their keyboards to emit various colours, react to in-game events or even keystrokes. These customisations are about to be taken to a whole new level with the upcoming Finalmouse Centerpiece.  

Finalmouse, a company that has specialised in creating really light custom gaming mice (and we've reviewed a number of them), is one of the reasons why ultra-light gaming mouse options have exploded in recent years, have now created a keyboard that features a display right below the keys. Instead of having RGB LEDs that light up individual keys or provide under glow, the Centerpiece features transparent keycaps that sit on top of a Laminated DisplayCircuit Glass Stack (LDGS), an invention by Finalmouse, providing an all new visual experience for keyboard users. When not used, the screen can display various skins, creating a beautiful visual centerpiece on the desk.

Finalmouse Centerpiece (Image source: Finalmouse Launch Video)

The keyboard is equipped with its own CPU and GPU to power the display on the keyboard, utilising no resources from the computer. The interactive skins are powered by Unreal Engine 5, and are available in the skin marketplace that can be accessed through the all-new Finalmouse Steam App. Artists can make custom skins for the keyboard, which can be monetised or listed for free. Skins can be loaded directly onto Centerpiece's three skin slots, allowing you to switch between the skins via a dedicated button on the side of the keyboard.

Finalmouse Centerpiece (Image source: Finalmouse Launch Video)

One great thing is that the keyboard runs off USB-C, and does not seem to require additional power for the keyboard display function. The keyboard has an aluminium case with beautiful CNC engraving for added artistic flair.

The Finalmouse Centerpiece is a 65% keyboard that provides a compact layout with the arrow keys and is slated to launch early 2023. The best part all, it is launching at an amazing price of US$349, and is definitely a steal considering what you will be getting with this keyboard. Meanwhile, check out the launch video below:-

Finalmouse will also be offering a hall effect version of the Centerpiece, providing gamers with even more control; however, it is not known when it will be available. Keep a look out on their official webpage for details on the launch, and get your card ready to reserve one.

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