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Fiio's mid-range IEMs get updated, this is the new FH5s

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Jun 2021, 9:58am

Fiio's mid-range IEMs get updated, this is the new FH5s

The new Fiio FH5s (Image source: Fiio)

The FH5s are Fiio's latest mid-range IEMs. They are based on the earlier FH5 but feature numerous updates.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice from the get-go that the FH5s have an all-new enclosure. The CNC-machined aluminium-magnesium chassis now has a semi-open design that better relieves air pressures and reduces resonances for a smoother and more open sound.

On the inside, the driver configuration has also changed. It's still a 2+2 design – meaning there are two balanced armature drivers and two dynamic drivers – but they are now tuned differently.

The original FH5 relied on one of its balanced armature drivers for the mids. For the FH5s, that's now handled by one of its dynamic drivers.

The FH5s' two dynamic drivers are different too. The lowest notes are handled by a 12mm beryllium-plated driver while a separate smaller 6mm beryllium-plated second handles the mids to upper bass. The two balanced armature drivers are Knowles TWFK-30017 units.

Owners will also have the opportunity to fine-tune the sound of their FH5s using tuning switches built into the earphones. The switches let owners increase bass, mids, and treble responses. 

The FH5s comes with a four-stand 120 core Litz Type 2 braided cable and no less than 12 pairs of various ear tips.


Availability and pricing

The Fiio FH5s is available now and it is priced at S$399. You can find it on the AV One online store or on the Fiio Flagship Store on Lazada.

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