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Feeling Lonely? Chat with your LG Smart Appliances!

By Vijay Anand - on 12 Jan 2014, 2:09am

Feeling Lonely? Chat with your LG Smart Appliances!

Well, we don't literally imply a proper conversation, but the 2014 smart appliances from LG allow you to check on their status and command them remotely via Line's chat application. Featured as the LG HomeChat on some of the company's latest washing machine, fridge, oven and Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner appliances, you can attempt to converse with it naturally on a select set of topics. Of course ultimately, the smart appliance is looking for keywords from your message to initiate the next action stage.

For example, you say can either say, "I’m going on a vacation", or just "Vacation", and the respective registered appliance(s) will give you the same response to set some of their vacation mode settings in action.

Here's a snapshot of the LG Hom-bot communicating with its owner and you can see its attempting to be cheeky when asked of its status.

When you've multiple registered appliances on your LG HomeChat and a universal command is invoked, you get the option to issue a multi-action response.

While the end result isn't any different than if you were to invoke commands or settings from its smart app, this is an alternative mode of 'communication' and a step closer to getting personal with your smart appliance - if at all there's any practical use for it since they aren't really sentient (yet). Gimmicky? Perhaps, but at least it's interesting and relevant to the current social tech culture by building upon last year's smart functions.

Stay tuned as we'll update this news once we get a full list of phrases understood by the LG HomeChat appliances.

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