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FastGig is FastCo's platform for the growing gig economy

By Glenn Chua - on 16 Feb 2022, 2:48pm

FastGig is FastCo's platform for the growing gig economy

Image source: FastCo

By now, you've probably heard of FastJobs, a portal by FastCo for people to find work online. Now, in order to widen its reach in the growing gig economy, the company is launching FastGig, a similar platform that allows people to find freelance work, and for businesses to find potential employees looking for freelance work.

FastGig matches gig workers to employers by displaying a list of the week's jobs that workers can book, with information including working hours, pay and location. Workers are paid by the end of the week through a consolidated invoice, and along with being able to track hours worked, can also see how much they've earned. More specifically, they can see how much of that is paid out and how much has yet to be processed.

The platform aims to solve some of the challenges that members burgeoning gig economy, including workers and employers are facing. For the former, these challenges include the inability to take a job due to a minimum commitment requirement, a lack of a consistent place to get gig jobs without relying on word-of-mouth, and potentially fraudulent jobs (only verified companies can list jobs for booking).

On that last point, partners acting as verified companies include NTUC FairPrice, Domino's Pizza and Phoon Huat. 

For employers, FastGig offers a way to quickly deal with seasonal manpower needs, such as during sales or festive periods, as well as an easier way to manage gig workers, as FastGig takes on the role of processing payment.

Julian Tan, Founder and CEO FastCo. (Image source: FastCo)

The app, which saw a soft launch last year, has so far seen close to 10,000 registered workers (or Giggers), and 2,000 who have taken up a job. Alongside the Singapore market, FastCo has also launched FastGig in Malaysia, and is hoping to expand to more countries in Southeast Asia.

According to this statement Julian Tan, the Founder and CEO of FastCo, the company certainly has high hopes for how FastGig can contribute to the gig economy:

“We truly believe that harnessing the right technology will power the transformation of our workforce. The convenience of FastGig will create equal access to job opportunities, thus redefining meaningful work for everyone,” 

The FastGig app is available on Google Play as well as the iOS App Store.

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