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Facebook wants an option to make Messenger default on iOS

By Cookie Monster - on 27 Sep 2020, 10:17pm

Facebook wants an option to make Messenger default on iOS

Image source: Facebook

While Apple's iOS 14 has allowed users to set their preferred email and browser apps as default, it is still not possible for messaging apps. Facebook is planning to change that. 

According to The Information, Facebook has repeatedly asked Apple to consider an option for users to choose their preferred messaging app. This is especially crucial for Facebook as it is merging WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

"We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone," said Facebook's vice president Stan Chudnovsky, who is in charge of its Messenger app. "Generally, everything is moving this direction anyway."

Apple is unlikely to accept the request as it requires extensive changes in iOS to allow SMS texts to be received via third-party apps. This is currently not supported on iOS. Chudnovsky also thinks Apple is unwilling to give in as iMessage is a unique feature on iOS devices.

Source: The Information via MacRumours

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