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Exynos versions of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reportedly experience display glitch

By Liu Hongzuo - on 24 Feb 2022, 2:37pm

Exynos versions of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reportedly experience display glitch

The glitch-free display of our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It appears that users of the Exynos variant of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are experiencing strange display glitches.

According to an ongoing Reddit thread, users with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra packing the Samsung Exynos 2200 processor are experiencing display glitches when viewing content. More specifically, the device gets a pixelated, purple bar that runs horizontally across the display whenever a user attempts to watch YouTube, or unlock the phone via the fingerprint sensor.

Example of a display glitch seen on an Exynos-backed Galaxy S22 Ultra. Source: user Bulky_Penalty_9170 on Reddit.

The Reddit thread also collated several video and image examples of this glitch. This defect's exact cause and circumstances are currently unknown, but early reports allege that affected devices so far are limited to Exynos 2200 variants of Galaxy S22 Ultra.

More interestingly, a Samsung moderator has already acknowledged the issue at the Samsung Community forums. The response was rehosted on Reddit. We've repeated it below for easier reference:

"We are aware of a limited number of Galaxy S22 Ultra devices experiencing a pixelated line on the display when customer plays YouTube or unlocks the device with fingerprints. This issue may occur rarely when the user set the device resolution to WQHD and Screen mode to Natural Mode.

"We have already worked to develop a patch on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and will release software updates to address the issue soon. We recommend that until then, please change the screen mode to Vivid, or resolution to FHD+ of your device. And please keep your devices updated with the latest software," - Moderator response on Samsung Community forum.

Our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra test unit.

Earlier this week, we've published our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review. We've not encountered this display glitch on any of our devices in our extensive tests. The testing was made bearable with hours upon hours of watching beautiful K-Pop music videos on YouTube with 1080p / 1440p, 60FPS, HDR quality (on top of content from other sources and formats). But, it's also worth noting that Singapore receives the Qualcomm variants of Galaxy S22 series phones, not Exynos ones.

It remains to be seen if Qualcomm versions will experience the same errors, seeing how Samsung will only start shipping out pre-orders this weekend onwards

Source: Reddit (via Android Central, 9to5Google)

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