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Improve your home office with the new EverDesk+ standing desk

By Kenny Yeo - on 3 Jun 2021, 5:19pm

Improve your home office with the new EverDesk+ standing desk

(Image source: EverDesk+)

There's a new standing desk in town and it comes from the same people behind the ErgoTune ergonomic chairs. This is the new EverDesk+ standing desk.

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the EverDesk+ comes in two main variants: Max and Lite.

Both featuring motors to adjust the height, but the Max uses dual motors that can withstand a maximum weight of 120kg. The motors are also faster (8cm/s), quieter (<50dB), and have a wider height range.

The Lite relies on a single motor, so the maximum weight on the desk is limited to 70kg. It's slower (3.2cm/s) and louder (<65dB) too.

Both feature anti-collision systems to prevent users from accidentally crushing something when they are lowering the desks.

The Health Coach height controller. (Image source: EverDesk+)

The Max also features a special Health Coach height controller that nudges users at intervals to stand up.

The EverDesk+ also comes with special features and accessories to help with cable management. For instance, there's UniGroove, which is a cut out near the back of the desk that lets users thread their cables through.

The UniGroove makes it easy for users to thread power cables to their devices. (Image source: EverDesk+)

Along with UniGroove, EverDesk+ also has cable stoppers that slide into the groove to hold cables in place. Additionally, the groove also doubles up as a handy phone or tablet holder.

Other accessories that go well with the EverDesk+ include pegboards, monitor arms, and modular shelves of various sizes. They are certainly nifty but they also add substantially to the cost of the table so be sensible.

I tried the configuration tool and saw the desks are available in sizes from 120cm x 60cm to as large as 180 x 70cm.

And although prices start at S$599 for the EverDesk+ Lite and S$749 for the EverDesk+ Max, it's possible to rack up quite a large bill if you are too liberal with the accessories.

They will go on sale on 7 June 2021. To order, head to the EverDesk+ website.

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