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Relive your NES gaming days with the Evercade VS retro gaming console

By Kenny Yeo - on 26 Nov 2021, 9:56am

Relive your NES gaming days with the Evercade VS retro gaming console

The Evercade VS (Image source: Evercade)

This is the Evercade VS, a modern retro gaming console that will warm the hearts of gamers of a certain age.

Not only does it look like an old NES, it even works like one. In a world where most forms of physical media is obsolete and where most of us simply download our games, the Evercade VS relies on – get this – cartridges to play games.

The Evercade VS has dual cartridge slots and uses the same cartridges as the company's earlier Evercade Handheld device.

In front, the Evercade VS has four USB ports, allowing up to four players to connect and play together. Yup, it's so retro it even uses wired controllers.

Evercade VS controller (Image source: Evercade)

The controllers are, again, reminiscent of the old NES controllers but with a modern twist. There are bumper buttons for added functionality.

It gets its power via a micro-USB port and video output is through HDMI at up to 1080p. You weren't thinking it's 4K, were you?


Availability and pricing

The Evercade VS will be available starting 31 January 2022. And though there's no word yet on local availability, chances are you need to get them from an online retailer like Amazon. 

The Evercade VS Starter Pack which includes one game cartridge is US$99.99 (~S$135). The Evercade VS Premium Pack which includes two game cartridges is US$129.99 (~S$176). Additional game cartridge cost around US$20 to US$30 (~S$27 to ~S$40) and it includes games from publishers like Atari, Data East, and Technos.

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