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ErgoTune's 2020 ergonomic chairs raises the bar to address work-from-home needs

By Vijay Anand - on 10 Oct 2020, 9:59am

ErgoTune's 2020 lineup raises the bar for work-from-home ergonomic chairs

Note: This article was first published on 2 Oct 2020.

Since Covid-19 struck, consumers now more than ever have a vested interest in equipping their home with a good chair (preferably an ergonomic one) to better cope with work-from-home arrangements. ErgoTune is one of the many ergonomic office chair brands that have gained momentum during the Circuit Breaker period, along with other community favourites like Secretlab, Herman Millar and others as evinced by this 300-page long ergonomic chair discussion in our forums.

Of course, finding the right chair is a difficult task as every individual is unique in build, operating environment and personal preferences. If you're set on a mesh fabric chair that helps promote good airflow and reduces the chances of you sweating in your room without air-conditioning, ErgoTune's chair might be a suitable option for you. Furthermore, the design is made to be highly adjustable at various points throughout the chair and the company claims you can adjust up to 11 different points.

The 2020 ErgoTune Supreme in its new Coral Pink colourway.

ErgoTune has two main chair offerings, the Supreme and Classic and the core difference between them is that the Supreme comes with a headrest and a few extra adjustment capabilities. The highlight of their 2020 update is the new Supreme chair that improves upon its 2019 counterpart in the following ways:-

  • ATLAS backrest:- An acronym for Auto Tuning Lumber Area Support (ATLAS), this is a hallmark feature of ErgoTune's chairs that shifts lumbar support to automatically match your spine's natural curvature. While it sounds like a marketing gimmick, it actually works fairly well for most people. No second guessing how much is the right amount of pressure required for your back. The 2019 edition also had this feature, but it was marketed as SALS - self adjusting lumbar support. 
  • DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh:- This is an improved blend of fabric and polyester made in Germany that focuses on better breathability and a stronger mesh. The 2019 chairs also also boasted of Premium German Mesh that was also made for long hours of comfortable use, but ErgoTune seemed to have refined it further in teh 2020 models.
  • TriTune 3D Telescopic Headrest:- Headrest adjustability is one of the features that is easily overlooked, but because ErgoTune is focused on having a chair that works effectively with many different users, the headrest on the existing Supreme chair allows for moving it vertically up/down, as well as offering tilt (up to 60 degrees). The 2020 edition improves the headrest movement with a telescopic extension that allows the headrest to also position your head and neck forward (or further back). In other words, depth adjustment. That's how it derives its marketing name of TriTune 3D headrest support.
  • GyroBrace 5D Armrest:- Last year's ErgoTune Supreme already had a 4-way armrest that can slide vertically (front/back), slide horizontally (left/right), swivel (inwards/outwards) and move it vertically up or down. The 2020 Supreme model now adds a 5th angle of motion to swing the armrest out to really cover any and all possible arm movements you'll ever need.
  • Build quality and warranty:- ErgoTune has upgraded the Supreme's Class III hydraulic pistons to Class IV hydraulics on the 2020 edition that allows the chair to be even more reliable in managing heavier loads. In fact, ErgoTune is lengthening the warranty period from 10 years to 12 years. For more details on what the warranty covers, refer here.
  • New colourway:- Black is still present, but red is making way for Coral Pink. Looking at the photo provided, it looks quite pleasant.

Other aspects like the TrueTilt Recline (up to 136o) that allows you to select your preferred recline angle and tension to lock it in place or unlock it in an instant, seat depth, height and recline adjustments, backrest height adjustment and an aluminium base, all make a comeback in this year's Supreme. 


What about the 2020 Classic?

As mentioned, the primary difference between the Classic and Supreme is that it lacks the headrest. Even so, the 2020 Classic also receives upgrades, like the ATLAS backrest and Duraweave Hybrid mesh.  Its 2-way armrest movement now gets 4-way upgrade that's similar to the 2019 Supreme, but not the same as the 5-way armrest on the 2020 Supreme. Lastly, the wheel base still remains plastic and there's only a black colourway.


Price and availability

The 2020 ErgoTune chairs are now available on ErgoTune's online store page and they are priced as follows:-

  • ErgoTune Supreme (2020) - S$599
  • ErgoTune Classic (2020) - S$399

These new ErgoTune chairs will replace their 2019 companions, but if you want to snag a deal with the older models, you can still try your luck at ErgoEdge.

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