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Epson announces new Runsense GPS running watch and M-Tracer golf swing analyzer

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Jan 2015, 9:39am

Epson announces new Runsense GPS running watch and M-Tracer golf swing analyzer

This is the flagship SF-810 model with integrated optical heart-rate sensor.

Wearables are a key trend at this year's CES and Epson has just announced its new Runsense range of GPS running watches. There are three models - the SF-810, SF-710 and SF-510 - and they differ in features.

The flagship SF-810 model will have all the bells and whistles, which means an integrated optical heart-rate sensor and vibration alert. The SF-710 misses out on the heart-rate sensor, but has vibration alerts. The SF-510 misses out on both. However, the SF-710 and SF-510 can still receive information about your heart-rate via an optional heart-rate sensor strap. Runners can then review their performance online via the Runsense View portal or using the Run Connected app.

The watches will be available later this year in the second quarter and prices will begin at US$250 for the SF-510 and top out at US$350 for the SF-810.

The M-Tracer aims to help golfers improve their game.

Using technology to help improve sporting performance is another trend we noticed this year and the M-Tracer is a module that attaches to your golf clubs that can analyze your swing. The module sends data to your smartphone or tablet at an incredible 1000 frames per second.

The M-Tracer app gives detailed feedback on your swing.

Users can then refer to the M-Tracer to find detailed information such as the your angle, club path, velocity and more. The app even renders your swing in 3D so that you can rotate and pan and even compare it against professionals, so that you find out just what you are doing wrong. The M-Tracer will retail in March for US$299.

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