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Entertain your passengers with Pioneer's new in-car digital TV receiver

By Kenny Yeo - on 8 Oct 2015, 11:30am

Entertain your passengers with Pioneer's new in-car digital TV receiver

 Pioneer GEX-X2850DVB2 TV receiver

We spend more time in our cars today than ever before. A recent report said that the average driver in Los Angeles spends a whopping 90 hours in his or her car - more than an entire week.

Thankfully, traffic in Singapore isn't as bad, but we still spend an inordinate amount of time in our cars. As such, investing in in-car entertainment systems and solutions do make sense.

For those who are TV addicts, there's Pioneer's new GEX-2850DVB2 TV receiver. It allows you to receive free to air Mediacorp channels and watch in your car. Obviously, we are not suggesting that you drive and watch TV at the same time, but a device like this could provide lots of entertainment for your passengers.

The GEX-2850DVB2 TV receiver is powered by a dual-diversity chipset and features two external antennas which help increase coverage and improve reception. This means it can switch between the two antennas depending on which is receiving a stronger signal.

Compared to a single antenna solution, the GEX-2850DVB2 TV receiver has a wider range of around 80km (up from 60km) and can stably receive signals at up to 140km/h (up from 80km/h).

Drivers can also use the GEX-2850DVB2 to record programs simply by plugging in a USB drive.

The GEX-2850DVB2 TV receiver is available now and retails for S$549.

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