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Elon Musk stays grounded with his new boring company

By Wong Chung Wee - on 17 Feb 2017, 11:33am

Elon Musk stays grounded with his new boring company

The pit of the demonstration tunnel that is being bored on SpaceX campus. (Image source: Bloomberg Businessweek)

Since late January this year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, decided that he has had enough traffic congestion in the city of Los Angeles, California. He started a boring company to tackle the city’s traffic woes. The company, The Boring Company, has begun operations and its maiden project is a demo tunnel that is being bored on SpaceX campus, near the Los Angeles International Airport. Being the Chief Executive of both Tesla and SpaceX has its privileges as Musk appointed Steve Davis, a senior SpaceX engineer, as leader of the project. If the boring project is successful, the demonstration tunnel will serve as the starting point of an elaborate system of massive underground tunnels. These tunnels will accommodate motor vehicles as well as high-speed trains like the Hyperloop.

A section of the Hyperloop tunnel. (Image source: Bloomberg Businessweek)

According to Musk, the future subterranean tunnel system will integrate well with President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan for the entire country. For now, the Boring Company doesn’t need a permit for its bored tunnel project as it is being carried out on SpaceX campus; however, future projects may see the company wading through bureaucratic quagmire in order to secure tunneling permits. As observed by Bloomberg Businessweek, Boring Company’s tunnel system may sound very farfetched; however, Musk was quick to point out the tunnel system is actually more viable than Silicon Valley’s answer to traffic woes: the flying car. Point taken but we do have this burning question on our minds; by building elaborate traffic system underground, won’t the usual traffic congestion be transferred from the roads and highways to the subterranean tunnels?

(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek)

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