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Eero announce new second-generation Wi-Fi mesh networking system

By Kenny Yeo - on 23 Jun 2017, 10:06am

Eero announce new second-generation Wi-Fi mesh networking system

(Image source: Eero)

Eero, one of the pioneers of consumer Wi-Fi mesh networking systems, has just announced its second generation Wi-Fi mesh networking system.

Each of its Wi-Fi mesh networking system consists of an eero router, which acts as a gateway; and Beacons, which act as access points that users can add to expand their Wi-Fi coverage.

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The new eero router is now tri-band capable and broadcasts a single 2.4GHz network and two 5GHz network. Eero does not disclose the speeds that its devices support, it does say that it is twice as fast as its predecessor.

Given its tri-band configuration and support for two spatial streams, the router is most likely an AC2200-class router.

The eero Beacons, on the other hand, are still only dual-band capable, which means they will offer similar performance to an AC1200-class router.

Both the eero router and eero Beacon will support MU-MIMO technology.

No word yet on local availability but a single eero router will set you back US$199 while the Beacon is US$149. Start-ups packs are available from US$299, which includes one eero router and one eero Beacon.

Source: eero

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