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Earn cashback as you travel around Singapore with Revolut *updated*

By Ken Wong - on 1 Apr 2022, 10:05am

Earn cashback as you travel around Singapore with Revolut

New customers can use a virtual card linked to their account for the cashback offers. Image source: Revolut.

*Updated: 1 April 2022 10:00 am with extended cashback period* 

It's not always easy saving money. But financial app Revolut has two campaigns to help you get some cashback simply by travelling around Singapore. Whether you’re going to and from work, or out to visit friends and family, they have you covered.

Revolut has launched a month-long Gojek campaign that will give a 20% cashback to customers who pay for their rides using their Revolut card. The maximum payout per customer is capped at S$20.

To qualify for the cashback, during the Campaign Period from now until 14 March 2022, customers must:

  • Top up their Revolut account. This means making a card top-up or bank top-up of at least S$20.
  • Use their Revolut card to make a purchase with an eligible Gojek driver in the month a cashback is being offered.


Qualifying for the cashback is as simple as topping up the value of your card. Image source: Revolut.

In addition to the Gojek campaign, Revolut has also been running a Public Transport cashback campaign since May last year.

This campaign gives commuters a 20% cashback on bus and train fares, up to a maximum of S$10 per calendar month.

To qualify for this promotion, Revolut customers in Singapore must:

  • Top up their e-wallets monthly, with a minimum of S$100 using bank transfer. For top-ups using credit cards or of amounts less than S$100, customers will receive a 2% cashback

What’s good about the campaigns, is that Revolut customers can use both while they are running. Plus, new customers to Revolut don’t need to wait for a physical card to be sent to them. They can start tapping into both promotions once they set up their free Standard account and link a virtual card to their smartphone wallets and as a payment method in the Gojek app.


Revolut has just announced an extension to the cashback partnership with Gojek and public transport until 30 June this year.

Both the cashback and payout for the public transport campaign have remained the same with commuters receiving a 20% cashback on bus and train fares, up to a maximum of S$10 per calendar month.

However, the Gojek campaign has had its cashback and payout both reduced by 50% to 10% and S$10 respectively.


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