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EA and DICE have confirmed Xbox and NVIDIA as official partners for Battlefield 2042

By Kenneth Ang - on 30 Jun 2021, 5:38pm

EA and DICE have confirmed Xbox and NVIDIA as official partners for Battlefield 2042

Image: DICE

Sporting everything from mid-air shootouts to supersized ad-hoc tornadoes and of course, the spicy new "rendezook" Specialist maneouvre, Battlefield 2042 has certainly got the fanbase riled up into a frenzy, and it's not hard to see why.

With the latest instalment of the long-running shooter franchise set to drop a mere four months from now, the community's excitement is already quite palpable, but developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts apparently don't seem to mind adding more fuel to the fire. In their latest press release, both companies have officially revealed the list of official partners for BF2042, and the more noteworthy candidates include NVIDIA and Xbox

To be specific, they will be representing the game on different platforms. NVIDIA has been named as the official graphics platform partner for the PC version of the game, while the Xbox Series X is confirmed to be the game's official console partner. Interestingly, for those intending to buy the game on PC, it can be argued that you're getting the better deal here - rocking NVIDIA hardware in your setup also means you'll have access to helpful features like NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex, and we've never seen any FPS gamer complain about having AI-powered performance boosts and lower latencies. 

However, console players shouldn't despair just yet, as we can probably expect some special "spice" for this demographic as well. After all, the Xbox Series X is by no means a pushover with regards to hardware, and if all else fails, we can always hope for a big reveal at the upcoming EA Play event in July. Speaking of which, why not check out what else we know about this ultra-hyped game so far?

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