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E3 2021: Resident Evil Village is getting an expansion by popular demand

By Tim Augustin - on 15 Jun 2021, 3:27pm

E3 2021: Resident Evil Village is getting an expansion by popular demand

Image: Capcom

Will we finally be able to play as the tall vampire lady?

Capcom’s E3 showcase was rather empty of big announcements, but we did get something juicy for Resident Evil Village: new DLC is coming! The games publisher announced that, “development has just started,” on additional content for the survival-horror game by popular demand. 

It looks like Capcom has nothing to show on this DLC as of yet, but at least we know it exists now. Fans have been clamouring for additional story content seeing as Resident Evil 7 received a colourful variety of post-release DLC as well, tying up loose ends in its story and adding fun new ways to play the game. 

Resident Evil Village's story ended with a whole bunch of cliffhangers, so hopefully we get some closure in its DLC. Either that, or more backstory on its popular villains like Lady Dimitrescu - whose past as a jazz singer was teased in an in-game lore pickup. Personally, I would love to know more about the twisted mind behind House Beneviento - which featured one of the franchise’s spookiest and most unique sequences ever. 

Resident Evil Village’s producer Tsuyoshi Kanda also announced that the new multiplayer game Resident Evil RE: Verse will open its doors to players in July. RE: Verse was meant to drop with Village in May, but got delayed just before release. Anyone who purchased Village still has RE: Verse sitting in their game libraries however, and can download and play the game when it launches in July - though no specific date was given. 

In our review of Resident Evil Village, we called the game, “one of the most bombastic and beautiful Resident Evil games yet.” We stand by that. 

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