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Dyson Zone pre-orders have started on Dyson Singapore's website

By Zachary Chan - on 25 Apr 2023, 9:08pm

Dyson Zone pre-order

Dyson Zone Ultra Blue with and without visor. Image Source: Dyson

Dyson's steampunk-style, Bane-like, wireless ANC headphones with air-purifying mask is finally making its way into the stores. Pre-orders for the Dyson Zone have popped up officially on Dyson's website today, with retail availability starting on 3rd May 2023. There are two models you can choose from, the standard Dyson Zone which comes in Ultra Blue body and Prussian Blue visor, and the Dyson Zone Absolute+, which comes in Prussian Blue body and Bright Copper visor.

Screenshot of pre-order prices from

The Dyson Zone goes for S$1,249, while the Dyson Zone Absolute+ will set you back S$1,399. Both versions are identical in terms of specifications, and besides the colourway, the only real difference between the two is what you get in the box. The Absolute+ will get you an extra set of filters, airline adapters, and a different travel pouch. 

The Dyson Zone is only available directly from Dyson and you can pre-order it right now here. We've taken the liberty of taking some screenshots from the website so you can directly compare the two models.

Accessories in the standard Dyson Zone.

Accessories in the Dyson Zone Absolute+.

If you want to know more about the Dyson Zone, check out our preview here, or the video below. Keep an eye out for our full review soon too.


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