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Achieve the ultimate clean with the new Dyson V15 Detect and handy cleaning kits

By Aaron Yip & Kenneth Ang - on 4 Jul 2022, 7:13pm

Achieve the ultimate clean with the new Dyson V15 Detect and handy cleaning kits

Image: Dyson

For homeowners, keeping the house spick and span isn't just a necessity; it's also a source of pride and comfort. But the act of "cleaning" is the tricky part. Between those pesky corners behind your beds and cupboards, or the dander and pet hairs from our furry friends, sometimes it takes much more than your average vacuum cleaner to get the job done. 

But the Dyson V15 Detect isn't your average vacuum, not to mention that the company has also just released a duo of cleaning kits - namely the Pet Grooming Kit and Detail Cleaning Kit, to help make the job easier. 

Equipped with advanced de-tangling brush bar technology, laser-assisted dust detection, a piezo sensor, and Dyson's proprietary 5-stage filtration technology, the V15 Detect is touted to be Dyson's most intelligent vacuum yet. The aforementioned brush bar features 56 hair removal vanes with polycarbonate teeth, which works in tandem with its anti-static carbon fiber filaments to tackle even the toughest tangles with ease. 

Furthermore, the V15 Detect also builds upon the laser dust detection and piezo sensor first introduced with the V12 Detect Slim. This combo allows you to check and ensure that a surface has indeed been cleaned to perfection, and you can even check out what the vacuum has picked up on the in-built LCD screen.

As for the duo of cleaning kits, the Pet Grooming Kit speaks for itself. It primarily features the Pet Groom Tool, which is now compatible with the company's range of cordless vacuums. It's designed to be attached to the main vacuum via an extension hose, and its 364 bristles (angled at 35 degrees) provide a comfortable yet thorough grooming experience for your pets. 

Meanwhile, the Detail Cleaning Kit consists of two tools - the Scratch-free Dusting Brush and the Awkward Gap Tool.  The former comes equipped with 8,100 ultrafine bristles that are gentle even on fragile surfaces like vases, and is generally great to have if you're worried about scratching surfaces while cleaning. As for the latter, it is able to twist to a 22-degree angle that helps you tidy up all the tricky corners in your home, like behind bedframes or under closets. 

As for pricing and availability, there are two variants of the Dyson V15 Detect. The first is the standard model, which will cost you S$1,299 and can be bought from affiliated Dyson retailers, while the second, the V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA) costs slightly more at S$1,349 and is only available via Dyson Direct. Finally, the Pet Grooming and Detail Cleaning Kits will set you back S$99 each, and like the standard V15 Detect, can be purchased from all affiliated retailers.

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