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Dyson launches new "Fluffy" cordless vacuum cleaner

By Kenny Yeo - on 30 Oct 2014, 2:19pm

Dyson launches new "Fluffy" cordless vacuum cleaner

The Dyson DC74 cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson is known for its innovative products and is perhaps most famously known for its bladeless fan, which it calls the Air Multiplier. Earlier this year, we saw the launch of its new DC52 Cinetic vacuum cleaner, which is the world’s first bagless and filterless vacuum cleaner. The DC52 vacuum cleaner is an impressive piece of kit and will change the way you look at vacuum cleaners, we urge you to check out our feature here.

Today, Dyson is officially launching its new cordless vacuum cleaner here in Singapore. Known affectionately as "Fluffy", the DC74 is unique because of its redesigned vacuum head, which has been designed to be able to tackle large and fine particles with equal effectiveness.

Traditional vacuum cleaning heads were either good at dealing with large or fine particles, but never both. This is because dealing with fine particles requires a vacuum head that can create a seal with the floor, whereas large particles require heads with bristles and are more airy.

The redesigned head helps improve suction performance.

The Dyson DC74 can also be outfitted with alternative cleaning heads to clean other areas, such as inside your cars.

To overcome this problem, Dyson invented an all new head that uses a full width roller that is made of a soft nylon material (hence the name "Fluffy") and rows of carbon fiber filaments. Together, the soft nylon material helps create a seal and yet still allows it to envelop large particles so that it can be sucked up, while the carbon fiber filaments help remove fine particles.

The left most lane was cleaned by the Dyson DC74. Notice how much cleaner it is compared to the others.

The new roller, coupled with Dyson's powerful digital motor, helps ensure utmost suction performance. And this was proved to us during a demonstration, where it managed to pick up the most dirt and particles as compared to rival vacuum cleaners.

Battery life is rated at only around 20 minutes and it can drop depending on what types of head you use. For instance, if you use a motorized cleaning head, battery life drops to just 16 minutes. A full charge takes about 3.5 hours. The dust container also has a volume of 0.4L and the unit itself weighs around 2.3kg.

The new DC74 cordless vacuum cleaner will be available from mid-November and has a recommended retail price of S$999.

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