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The new Dyson Flyaway Smoother accessory allows for easy at-home salon styling

By The Count - on 13 Apr 2023, 11:35pm

The new Dyson Flyaway Smoother accessory allows for easy at-home salon styling

Dyson has revealed its newest hair care innovation, the Flyaway Smoother, designed to streamline home hair styling and deliver a salon-grade result. The device features a dual-purpose attachment that dries and styles damp hair, effortlessly transitioning from a smoothing function to a flyaway-concealing function.

The Flyaway Smoother is the inaugural brush attachment of 2023 specifically crafted for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Inspired by the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler brush attachments and harnessing the Dyson Supersonic's digital motor V9's power, the tool uses high-pressure airflow to simultaneously dry and style hair. Some of you might remember the existing Flyaway attachment that debuted in 2021, but the new Flyway Smoother builds upon the original's capability.

John McGarva, Dyson's Head of Hair Care Design Engineering, outlined the company's objectives: "Our mission is to create products for all hair types that offer diverse styling options while minimising extreme heat damage. We have more challenges to address, and our hair care technology pipeline is ambitious. The new Flyaway Smoother is designed to deliver quick, sleek styles from damp to dry with a single attachment."

The Flyaway Smoother takes advantage of the Coanda effect, an airflow phenomenon that happens when a fast-moving jet of air passes over a surface and adheres to it due to pressure differences. This effect enables the attachment to conceal flyaways by tucking them in, emulating professional salon methods. (You can see how this works in our video of the Airwrap, which uses this same effect to its benefit.) After using the Smoothing mode to dry, straighten, and soften hair, the tool switches to the Flyaway mode for a glossy, refined finish.

Dyson's Flyaway Smoother aims to bring professional hair styling within reach for DIY stylists, providing a handy, comprehensive solution for those seeking a salon-worthy appearance at home.

The new Flyaway Smoother attachment is within the box of new machines purchased from 13 April 2023, priced at S$699. It is fully compatible with existing models of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and will be available individually at a later date.

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