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Dyson's new Big+Quiet Formaldehyde air purifier is quiet and built for large spaces

By The Count - on 15 Jun 2023, 6:22pm

Dyson's new Big+Quiet Formaldehyde air purifier is quiet and built for large spaces

Dyson has raised the bar once again with its latest air purifier. The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde, despite its hefty name, might just be the gadget we've all been waiting for. Remarkably quiet, it's designed to refresh large spaces without causing a racket. At a whisper-quiet 56 decibels, it's easily the quietest, yet strongest air purifier I've seen from Dyson.

Traditional air purifiers often struggle to deliver their benefits to larger rooms - they just can't push the clean air far enough. However, the Big+Quiet Formaldehyde features something called Cone Aerodynamics. In layman's terms, it's a smart way of blasting air up to 10 metres across a room. It's a simple yet effective solution to the problem and twice as effective as the previous Dyson purifiers.

One of the main things I appreciate about this device is the thorough three-step filtration system. Each filter plays a crucial role, from trapping allergens to tackling nasty gases like nitrogen dioxide. The last filter is particularly impressive, as it breaks down formaldehyde into harmless water and CO2, and it doesn't need replacement, so no extra cost there.

However, what really piqued my interest is the new CO2 sensor. For those who might not be aware, high indoor CO2 levels can make you feel tired and less focused. The Big+Quiet Formaldehyde will let you know if the CO2 in your home is creeping up too high, which could be a game-changer for improving indoor air quality and our well-being.

While it's packed with fancy tech, using the Big+Quiet Formaldehyde is a breeze in my time with it (full review coming up). It adjusts itself based on the data it collects every second about your air quality, and it sends that information to your smartphone via the MyDyson app. This means you can control and monitor your air quality remotely.

But a word of caution: the Big+Quiet Formaldehyde is also rather massive in size. But if you're in the market for an air purifier, this might just be the one worth waiting for.

Dyson is retailing two versions of the air purifier. The Dyson store exclusive Prussian Blue + Gold retails for $1,399 and a slightly cheaper Bright Nickel + Prussian Blue model, that does not come with the K-Carbon filter and CO2 sensor, at $1,299.

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