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Dropbox finally cuts prices to match competitors

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Sep 2014, 5:47pm

Dropbox finally cuts prices to match competitors


There are no shortage of online cloud storage services and earlier in March this year, Google announced massive price cuts on its plans. Most crucially, it was offering 1TB of storage at just US$9.99 a month. Competitors such as Amazon and Microsoft soon followed suit as well, but not Dropbox.

Finally, however, Dropbox has announced that it will cut the price by around 90% to match Google - 1TB of storage will now cost US$9.99 a month or US$99.99 a year. Previously US$9.99 would get you just 100GB of storage a month at Dropbox. That said, this is not the cheapest 1TB plan around, Microsoft's OneDrive costs just US$2.50 a month for 1TB of storage.

Despite the price cuts, Dropbox is adamant that it is not sheer capacity that matters when it comes to users, and said that it is how this data can be used and how the service integrates with other apps that matter. Wang ChenLi, Dropbox's head of product said, "It’s how you get the content in and out and how does it let you do the work you want to accomplish. We want people to rely on Dropbox as the home for all their stuff as opposed to thinking of it as a fixed storage limit.”

Apart from the price cut, Dropbox is also announcing a couple of other security and sharing features including view-only sharing permissions, password-protected links, expiration date for shared documents and remote wipe.

Source: Wired, Storage Newsletter

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